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Referring Doctors

Why refer to us?

You will always get your patient back & any prescription write-up will go to you.

Make a Referral

Send us the patient name, phone number, reason for referral and a copy of the most recent comprehensive eye exam.

Want to refer an adult with a stroke or brain injury? Refer your patient to us first BEFORE prescribing anything.

We will prescribe for them specialized lenses, prisms, tints and occlusion to help patients with visual awareness and gait issues. These lens systems may make a very quick and radical positive change for the patient.


If you feel as though you’ve exhausted every avenue to help your patient, talk to us!

Let us help your patient maximize their visual skills and reach their full potential.


What Do We Treat?

  • Our customized program uses vision therapy to train the eyes and brain to work together
  • Develops and enhances fundamental visual skills and abilities
  • Improves eye tracking, eye teaming, convergence, focusing, and visual processing skills
  • Is performed under optometrist supervision
  • Is individualized to fit the specific needs of each unique patient
  • Consists of in-office appointments and at-home exercises

Be a hero.
Refer out your patients to a specialist that can change their lives, and you will always be remembered.

Does your patient…

  • Complain of eye discomfort? Fail to get subjectively better over time even after various dry eye treatments? This could be a binocular problem.
  • Struggles at reading, homework, and/or poor attention span? Skips words or lines with reading or confuses the letters b, d, p and q?
  • Experience eyestrain or headaches with school work or computer use? Have trouble making eye contact?
  • Have trouble catching or hitting a ball in sports? Recently suffered from a concussion and traumatic brain injury?

Vision therapy can help

  • Children with Learning Issues
  • Children & Adults with visual discomfort
  • Children & Adults with Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)
  • Convergence Insufficiency (CI)
  • Children & Adults with Strabismus (eye turn)
  • Sports Performance
  • Patients who have double vision, dizziness and even balance problems.
  • Special needs – autism and developmental delays
  • Brain injury, concussion & strokes
  • Binocular vision problems

Doctors commonly refer patients to our practice for specialty care, including:


To refer your patient for expert care, you may:

Vision Therapy Referral

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Myopia Management Referral

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Dry Eye Referral

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