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Vivid Vision Virtual Reality Vision Therapy

Vivid Vision Bundle

What Is Vivid Vision?

Vision therapy is a series of exercises that train your brain and eyes to work together more effectively. With the new Vivid Vision virtual reality headset and software, you are able to progress in your training while playing exciting and immersing games, whether at the Joplin practice or even from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the parents tell us that their kids love Vivid so much they play more than the required time. Because this revolutionary product allows the patient to work on their vision training outside of the office, we have seen a marked improvement in progress for our patients using vivid.

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How Does Vivid Vision Work?

Vivid Vision uses virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung GearVR, and Google Daydream to treat amblyopia, strabismus, convergence disorders, and other binocular vision problems.

Vivid can be used in the practice as part of your training, at home to compliment and speed up your training, or as part of a custom at home based vision therapy program.

From What Age Can Vivid Be Used?

Vivid is recommended from 5 and up, and in our experience children love the option to play games as part of their therapy.

Is There Research That Shows The Efficacy Of Vivid Vision?

Vivid Vision has been shown effective in the latest research, to view the research click here

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What is The Time Frame And Cost?

For Vivid Vision to successfully treat Binocular/Convergence issues it must be a part of a more intensive vision therapy program. At Coleman Vision we have developed different Vision Therapy programs that are tailored to each patients needs. Each patient will require a different amount of time and incur different costs. In general the cost of vision therapy is not covered by insurance (with some exceptions).

I Live Far From A Doctor That Specializes In Vision Therapy, What Should I Do?

We have developed a special program for patients that live too far away from the practice to do regular vision therapy sessions. For more information about our “at home vision therapy” program, give us a call. Our expert team will assess if your or your child is a candidate for remote vision therapy, after which they will send you more information about the program.

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