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Vision Therapy Center

Coleman Vision Therapy Center is one of the largest and most experienced vision therapy and vision rehabilitation in the 4 States area. We are a leader in diagnosis and treatment of visual disorders that interfere with reading, learning, sports performance, and daily activities.

Dr. David Coleman’s interest and passion to provide developmental optometry, vision therapy, and vision rehabilitation began when his son was successfully treated for strabismus and amblyopia through vision therapy.  Since that time, it has been our goal to ensure the people of the 4 states have access to comprehensive functional vision care. Our doctors go beyond the traditional 20/20 eye exam to evaluate your complete vision-brain connection, and its effect on your daily activities and performance.

Patients come from far and wide to our Joplin eye care clinic for vision therapy. Unsurpassed for our thorough evaluations and uniquely trained doctors and therapists, Coleman Vision has helped people of all ages overcome visual dysfunctions with  highly successful vision therapy for decades.

vision therapy helps kid studying

Vision Therapy Services:

We offer co-management with other optometrists, healthcare practitioners, educators and school administrators on a referral basis. The Coleman Vision team is committed to providing quality vision solutions in a step by step process to help our patients obtain their true potential.

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