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Light Therapy

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Light Therapy, also known as Syntonics or Optometric Phototherapy, is the use of specific frequencies of visible light projected into the eyes, to enhance visual efficiency and visual information processing. It has been used by Behavioral Optometrists for over 70 years in the treatment of such visual dysfunctions as strabismus (eye turns), amblyopia (lazy eye), focusing and eye teaming problems, as well as learning disorders. In recent studies, Syntonics has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries and various emotional disorders such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Coleman Vision is one of just a very few clinics in the Four States to offer this life changing treatment to our patients.

A child with visual related learning difficulties often has constricted visual fields. This means that in cases where there is an excess of visual information coming into the eyes, more than the child can process in a single eye movement, the visual field often reduces in size. This affects the amount of visual information that a person can see and understand.

The most common symptoms associated with reduced visual fields are words moving, or merging and skipping lines or words due to the difficulty that the child has in directing their eyes correctly. Constricted visual fields also affect one’s visual-spatial awareness which is the ability to accurately perceive and judge where objects are in one’s visual space world. Symptoms include poor eye/hand/body coordination which oftentimes results in poor organizational skills, poor handwriting, clumsiness and an overall “lost in space” appearance.

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For more information about Light Therapy, we recommend the College of Syntonic Optometry’s website which can be found at:

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To Our Patient Family,

Based on federal and state recommendations, many offices have voluntarily moved to a temporary model of care where they are reducing or eliminating routine vision care, particularly for at-risk populations, while still allowing urgent care for their patients.

After careful consideration we have made the decision to follow these recommendations until April 3rd, at which time we will re-evaluate.

So what does that mean?

To minimize the spread of COVID-19 our physical office will be temporarily closed to routine vision appointments.  We will have both Doctors and staff in the office Tuesday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm to answer questions, place contact lens orders and schedule urgent/emergency patients by phone.

We are offering to extend contact lens prescriptions if necessary, to make sure our patients have enough supply until our quarantine lifts.

Both Dr. David and Dr. Jeff are still available for red eyes, sudden vision changes, injuries, and other urgent issues for both new and established patients.  Please feel free to call our office between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Tuesday – Thursday.

Our doctors will be providing Tele-health for your convenience and extended care.  We will also be offering extended services for our vision therapy patients.

If you have glasses ordered or glasses that are ready for pick up, we ask that you call ahead and schedule a time to pick those up. Once you have arrived, call the office for check-in, and we will deliver and adjust your glasses at your car.  Contacts and vitamins that are available for pickup will follow same check-in process.

As always, we genuinely care for our patients and want the very best for each of you.  If you need us, or have questions about your specific situations; please feel free to call the office.  This plan of action could change due to federal or state guidelines and recommendations.  Please monitor our Facebook page for updates.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Dr. David Coleman & Dr. Jeff Coleman