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Vision Therapy For Adults

Susan R. Barry, Professor of Biological Sciences

Does a TED Talk About Her Experiences With Vision Therapy

Is Vision Therapy Also Helpful For Adults?

The short answer is that vision therapy is as helpful or even more so for adults vs. children.

At Coleman Vision Center our eye doctors have worked with many adults to teach them through vision therapy training how to have their eyes work together effectively. Dr. Coleman said “What we have seen in our patients, and the same is widely reported about in research, is that adults create complex coping mechanisms to overcome their visual issues. While many times that enables them to perform the required tasks, in many situations such as sports activities, those tasks cause them to feel exhausted.”

In our Joplin practice we help adult patients from the four surrounding states to use vision therapy to help them improve their lives.

Research has shown that adults are helped by vision therapy, and because of their engagement and desire to succeed in their treatment, are often successful more quickly than children.

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