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Ocular Trauma & Emergencies AT Coleman Vision

We Treat Eye Injuries and Ocular Trauma

SAME DAY TREATMENT - Including Nights & Weekends!

Drs. David and Jeff provide evaluation of eye related injuries and emergencies in a caring and gentle manner for all ages of patients. The doctors are available and will be sure you are cared for promptly on the same day, including nights and weekends.

eye injury boy - emergency eye care at Coleman Vision in Joplin MOThe following conditions require urgent care:

Redness, Pain, Burning, Flashes of light, Loss of Vision, Dark Shadows, Foreign body, Sudden changes in Pupil size, Sensitivity to light, Pink eye (Conjunctivitis) and Double Vision

An injury to your eye can be frightening and often requires immediate medical attention. Our compassionate eye doctors, Drs. David and Jeff Coleman, are highly qualified and experienced in treating eye emergencies. There isn’t always a need to rush to the hospital and spend hours waiting for attention in the emergency room. We will examine and take care of your eye injury within the comfort and convenience of our fully equipped clinic. In the event of an eye emergency, please contact our office immediately for professional guidance.

The most typical reasons for immediate eye care include irritation from a foreign substance, infections (such as pink eye), severe eye allergies, and foreign bodies stuck in the eye. We will perform a thorough examination of your eyes to diagnose the problem and determine the best treatment solution.

Our Joplin, MO, office is outfitted with state-of-the-art diagnostics and a highly skilled optometry team. With a caring and gentle manner, we will listen closely to your symptoms to help evaluate your ocular condition. If our eye doctor diagnoses pink eye or other infections, or eye allergies, he will prescribe the most effective medication to relieve your pain, resolve the problem, and prevent possible vision complications. If we diagnose a serious eye condition or disease that requires surgical care, we will refer you to a top specialist in the Joplin area.

Foreign Object Removal from Your Eyes

ofbWhen a foreign body or material becomes lodged in your eye, you will feel irritation that ranges from mild to extreme, depending upon the particular culprit. Something as innocent as a stray eyelash can cause discomfort! Immediately after exposure to a foreign body, the blood vessels in your eye will dilate. Your conjunctiva, cornea, and eyelids may become red and swollen. If the object isn’t removed quickly, your risk of developing an eye infection increases.

Mild eye irritations generally resolve on their own, with no medical treatment and no lasting complications. Yet other eye injuries may require treatment to prevent vision problems. If you still feel ocular pain a few hours after the trauma, please contact us for assistance. If you suspect that the offensive object pierced the outer layer of your eye, it is critical that you seek immediate medical attention! Rapid action can prevent vision loss, retinal damage and premature cataracts.

Eyes are delicate and sensitive. Repeated attempts to remove a foreign body may cause further damage. We are trained and experienced in eye emergencies and foreign body removal. When an eye rinse doesn’t do the job properly, Dr. Coleman will usually insert numbing eye drops before using specialized tools to remove the offensive object.

Remember - many types of ocular trauma, injuries and eye emergencies require urgent medical care – so don’t delay in seeking treatment! Call our Joplin, MO, office immediately for assistance. Drs. David and Jeff Coleman are available to help (including nights and weekends), and we’ll make sure you receive responsible treatment on the same day.