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How Great Sports Performance is Related to Great Vision

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Sharpened senses and accurate perception are two factors that dramatically affect athletic performance. Both are directly related to your vision. If you or your children are in athletics and want to compete with top performance, then great vision is critical. Coleman Vision offers Elite Vision Training to optimize visual skills and create a highly precise and aligned visual system. Just like technique, your vision can be improved with therapeutic coaching and practice.

How Vision Relates to Sports Performance

If you have increased your practice and are still having difficulty progressing to the next level in your athletic performance, there may be a visual problem hindering your progress. There are many ways that your vision correlates to your best sports performance.

  • Depth Perception: being able to swiftly and accurately assess the speed and distance of items
  • Eye Focusing: the ability to change focus from one object to another quickly and clearly
  • Eye Tracking: how well you keep your eye on the necessary components of the game
  • Eye-Hand or Eye-Body Coordination
  • Peripheral Awareness: how effectively you see from the corner of your eye
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity: the ability to see objects in motion clearly

Having visual difficulties with acuity, depth perception, eye-hand or eye-body coordination, focusing, tracking or peripheral awareness will translate into trouble in sports performance.  Each area, however, can develop and improve with a sports vision therapy or enhancement program.

The Value of Sports Vision Training

According to research, more than 80% of knowledge derives from the visual system. That percentage is even greater in relation to sports. This is due to the fact that your eyes direct body movement. Research from vision screenings of Olympic and junior Olympic athletes showed that the athletes who won medals had superior visual systems. Take a look at these statistics from the study.

  • 12% of Olympians had unreliable eye movement.
  • 25% of Olympians had deteriorated depth perception.
  • 26% of those in the study had poor eye-hand coordination based on the demand of the sports they are involved with.
  • 30% of athletes assessed were found to have less than 20/20 vision.

Your Next Step to Improving Sports Performance

Our office uses equipment with the latest technology from Senaptec. The Senaptec Sensory Station evaluates ten visual and sensorimotor skills using scientific procedures. The equipment has input devices and digital displays. We will then analyze and compare the evaluations by position, competition level and sport using a large database. The analysis reveals strengths and identifies areas for improvement. After this detailed analysis, our office will provide you with a customized vision improvement plan. Call Coleman Vision today or click the image below to schedule an evaluation and get on the road to gaining a competitive edge.