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Your Guide to Vision Therapy

Did you know that Coleman Vision has been offering vision therapy to the Joplin area for more than twenty-five years? During that time, Dr. David Coleman, Dr. Jeff Coleman and the staff at Coleman Vision have helped hundreds of children overcome vision related problems through their comprehensive vision therapy program. One of our main focuses is on educating clients about the deep connection between the brain and vision and how vision therapy can drastically improve many vision issues. Coleman Vision created A Parent's Guide to Vision Therapy as a way of spreading the word about what vision therapy is and how it can help. Download your copy today!


At Coleman Vision, we are  dedicated to fulfilling our Mission of “Improving Lives through Vision” by placing our patient’s quality of compassionate vision and ocular health above all other considerations. The eye care you receive will go beyond the “traditional eye exam” and care for your entire physical, functional, and perceptual visual system. Come see the difference Coleman Vision can make for you and your child.