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Vision is a learned skill
which can be trained
like walking & talking.

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What Is Vision Therapy?

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Vision Therapy are special exercises that are tailored to the particular needs of the patient. The goal of these exercises is to teach the brain and the eyes to work together more effectively. Our Optometrists are members of the premier Vision Therapy organization the College Of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) and Nuero Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA).


Vision issues can cause significant behavioural and learning challenges for children. Often, these challenges manifest in ways that are often confused with

This can result in misdiagnosis. If children exhibiting these symptoms receive a negative diagnosis, this leave teachers and parents feeling helpless and uncertain. If you are concerned about your student or child, download your free Teacher’s Guide to Vision Therapy e-book now!

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Over 80% of learning is visual:
1 in 4 children in school + 3 in 4 children
with reading disabilities are affected
by visual dysfunction.

Download your free Teacher’s Guide to Vision Therapy E-Book now!

Learning Disabilities and Vision: What Does The Research Say?

60% of learning disabled students failed two or more binocular vision tests according to research by the Waterloo School of Optometry. The study was performed on students who had never received an eye exam and did not wear glasses or contacts. The research confirmed that children with learning disabilities, especially reading related learning disabilities have an extremely strong chance of having binocular issues (problems with the eye working together).

According to research performed by The American Academy Of Optometry 32% of University students had Binocular Vision Issues. The conclusion of this study is:

"Because these dysfunctions have a negative effect on performance, appropriate vision evaluation for this population is extremely important. In this study 31% of the students needed Vision Therapy for symptoms such as eye strain, double vision and headaches.

Reading is the perfect example of a complex visual task that requires skills such as eye tracking and focusing (accommodation), and eye teaming and coordination (Binocularity).

According to Dr. Debra Walhof M.D, member of the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

"It is important to remember that normal sight may not necessarily be synonymous with normal vision..." Read more.


Improving Lives Through Vision

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