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Soft Contact Lenses

kids swimming in contact lenses and goggles

There are many reasons why soft contact lenses are the most popular choice in the US. For starters, they typically feel great within seconds after you insert them into your eyes for the first time. Composed from a flexible material that conforms smoothly to your eyeball, soft contacts are effective for many vision prescriptions and conditions. Many people with nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism enjoy the superior experience of wearing soft contact lenses.

Soft lenses come in disposable, daily wear, and extended wear versions:

  • Disposables are worn throughout the day, and removed and discarded at night – so they never need rinsing or disinfecting. People who don’t wear contacts daily appreciate the incredible versatility of disposable lenses! Weekly and monthly types are also available.
  • Daily wear soft contact lenses are worn during daytime, removed at bedtime, rinsed and sterilized.
  • Extended wear lenses can be kept in your eyes while sleeping, generally for one week at a time. You need to disinfect them only once a week, which raises the risk of eye infection.