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Parents, do not be afraid of vision theropy, it does work!!!!

I took my daughter Samantha, to Coleman Vision Improvement Center to have her tested for problems that she was having at school. She would not read well, and her grades went from A's to D's in 2nd grade. She had head aches and would write her letters and numbers backwards. She felt like she was a failure and that she was unable to suceed in anything that she did. Dr Coleman did a vision evaluation and told us she needed vision theorpy to correct her problems. At first I was not liking the idea because the sessions were so expensive and my insurance would not pay for it. I found that Dr. Coleman's staff was excellent in setting up payment plans that were to my liking and it took the stress off my family. You find that his staff gives you a feeling of family as if they were apart of your own family unit. They gave Samantha a desk for her at school to work with and I purchased a pair of relaxing reading glasses from them to help her eyes relax. They came in on time as they said they would. I found that his staff worked with me well in what ever problem that had and they always made it right. Parents if you are debating vision theorpy, I can tell you it is worth every penny. My daughter is finishing up her 40 week session this week. When I brought her in to Coleman Vision Center, she was at 1.6 reading level in the second grade and did not make any of her AR reading goals. She now is at a 3.1 level in second grade has met every AR goal this year. She now makes A's and B's, and has a great days at school. She loves to read again, go to the library and attend book fairs. She now says, "Yes I can!" instead of saying, "No I can't." I want to thank Dr. Coleman and his staff for making a difference in my daughter's life where reading and learning is now fun again. Parents, do not be afraid of vision theropy, it does work!!!!

- Chad N, Joplin MO