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Thank you, Marilyn, for fixing my glasses!
1 week ago
- Renae A.
We took our 8 year old daughter to Coleman when she was having issues in school. We knew she was smart, and couldn’t understand why she was having so many problems. We learned she had a visual processing issue and had constricted peripheral vision. When she began Vision Therapy, she was reading at a zero level due to the errors her vision deficiencies were causing. Upon graduating from therapy, she was reading at a FOURTH grade level!! We have seen a huge improvement in her confidence, her school performance, interaction in the classroom, and especially in math. She also now loves to read!! Miss Julie was literally a Godsend, and gave us so many helpful tips that will last a lifetime! Coleman Vision gave us our happy and confident daughter back!
2 months ago
- Krista A.
It is the best place to go for eye care..All my children and myself have been seeing them for almost 5 years now. My Lil one ((4 1/2 months) was having issues with his eyes that his pediatrician wouldn't address and Dr. Coleman took care of it immediately and confirmed what I knew. Every single person in that office is awesome!! I highly recommend!!
2 months ago
- Teresa H.
I went to Dr. David Coleman today & it was a very good exam & everyone was very kind and knowledgeable.
2 months ago
- Julia H.
So thankful to David Coleman at Coleman Vision for discovering the macular hole in my husband’s eye during a vision check appointment and referring us to the best doctors in Kansas City to repair. We are eternally grateful!
2 months ago
- Robin N.
Our 7 year old son was struggling - did not like school and did not like reading. After evaluation and 9 months of vision therapy, he has improved greatly. We love our team at Coleman vision!
2 months ago
- Grant H.
Courteous, professional, great communication with staff and the Dr. I will continue to use them for my vision needs in the future!
3 months ago
- Alli