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Symptoms Are Misleading

Coleman Vision - Symptoms are Misleading

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Symptoms are Misleading Chart

With eye care, you can’t always trust the symptoms that you see on the surface. Just like an iceberg, there is a lot hidden beneath the surface that you can’t see. It is easy to assume that if your child is a poor reader or a poor speller it is only because they aren’t trying hard enough or they are not paying attention in class. Those symptoms may be how the problem is presenting itself, or in the case of this analogy, the tip of the iceberg. Although there are a number of very complex and interrelated processes that go into learning, vision plays a key role. Your child's problem may stem from an undiagnosed vision related issue.

Before your child is labeled with a learning disabled, a comprehensive vision exam can be a great tool for trying to solve the issues that may be causing your child to struggle to succeed in school. At Coleman Vision, we are committed to helping parents uncover these hidden problems and get children on a successful road to lifelong learning.

Take the Children's Vision Learning Assessment today to learn if your child's symptoms are part of a bigger problem!

Does your child have headaches while reading, skips words, repeatedly loses their place while reading, and even clumsiness? These could be signs of bigger problems with things like depth perception, visual directionality, or visual-motor integration, which is essential in academic performance. If you search deeper these could be issues related to the health and structure of the eye, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

Don’t let your child struggle when vision therapy may be the answer. We've created this iceberg visual as it relates to what may be causing your child’s symptoms. If your child has one or more of these symptoms an important first step is to contact an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye exam. Don’t let your child struggle when vision therapy may be the answer.

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