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Shelby's Vision Therapy Success Story


Before I started vision therapy, I was having a hard time doing everyday things such as driving. I just thought it was difficult for everyone. I was also struggling in school and found I was frustrated all the time. I never thought my eyes could be the problem.

Considering I travel all the time for horse shows, vision therapy has been a long journey. My goal is to be in the Olympics for equestrian jumping. I used to think this goal was unreachable. Now, thanks to vision therapy, I'm closer than I've ever been to achieving that goal. The team at Coleman Vision Improvement Center has been a blessing for me. They helped solve my problems and for the first time, school and driving are EASY and FUN! (Plus, my horse likes me better because we're in agreement on when to jump.)

1 in 4 school age children goes undetected for vision based learning problems. If you feel your child could be suffering from a vision related learning problem take our Children's Vision and Learning Quiz to find out more.

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