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How Sports Vision Therapy Helped Me

vision therapy for football joplin mo

Ever since starting vision therapy to help my sports performance I have seen an improvement in reaction time and hand-eye coordination.
While doing vision therapy in Joplin, my therapist explained that there are a variety of ways that I can train my brain, which can improve my sports performance. As a Football and baseball player, it was important for me and my life goals to perform at my absolute best. And while naturally, I had a lot of skill, I knew that if I wanted to continue to play after high school I needed to find an edge that I could.

For sports, there are a few primary skills that can be improved with therapy.

  • More accurate hand-eye coordination
  • Faster reaction time
  • Improve the ability to judge depth and distance
  • Improving my field of view and peripheral vision
  • Practicing visualization as a form of training

A recent study done by the US Air Force, called “Battlevision Experiment” showed how much of a difference Vision Therapy makes in sports performance.
"The Airmen who were trained on Battlevision improved their scores by 65 percent, while the scores of their non-trained counterparts dropped by 69 percent," said Robertson. "There is such a large difference in the performance of these groups that they could not have arisen statistically by chance."

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