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Patients From Miami, OK

3 Generations and Over 67 Years Of Eye Care For The Residents Of Miami, OK!

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Coleman Vision Center is proud to provide the highest level of medical and optical professionalism in the 4 states for 3 generations. Our Optometry practice in Joplin boasts the most advanced equipment including the Optomap Digital Exam, advanced equipment for OrthoK contacts fitting, and the latest technology for visual rehabilitation using Vision Therapy. We welcome Miami residents to our practice for all your eye care and optical needs.

How does a child eye exam different than an adult eye exam?

Children eye exams look at both the function of the eyes and other things that effect vision such as tracking, focusing, and alignment. In addition to assessing all aspects of vision in a comprehensive developmental eye exam, our optometrists will asses if your child has:

  1. Vision issues that are a result of the eyes not working together.
  2. Issues related to the brain and the eyes not working together
  3. If your child is at risk for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal detachment due to nearsightedness (myopia).

We understand that some of the little ones may be a bit shy and may not respond to the conventional questions and answers format. Our eye doctors are comfortable with using different techniques to play with them to make sure they are seeing properly, and have a positive association with visiting an optometrist.

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Eye Exam’s for the Whole Family

Our vision clinic offers advanced eye care to residents of Miami, OK. Our optometrists have years of experience providing a full spectrum of medical eye care as well as a massive selection of frames and contact lenses in our optical. Our eye care staff and eye doctors are passionate about providing the absolute highest level of eye care available and we pride ourselves on having the latest technology. Our Optometrists have extensive experience in both children’s and adult vision and offer the following services: eye exams, contact lens exams, emergency eye care, eye allergy treatment, dry eye treatment, management of eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. We also offer a broad range of Vision Therapy services for children and adults including neuro optometric rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury and sports vision therapy for athletes that are looking to improve their game.

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Not all eye exams are the same. At Coleman Vision Center, we take our commitment to our community, with patients from all over the 4 states, very seriously. Our practice boasts impressive technology, such as the Optomap, which takes a high resolution digital image of the eye that is then stored in your file for easy reference in the future allowing our optometrists to detect things that may go unnoticed in a regular eye exam. Our practice also has the most advanced and experienced staff for Vision Therapy, including use of Shaw Lenses for Amblyopia without patching, and Vivid Vision virtual reality vision therapy. Our practice also receives many patients from Miami OK who visit us in Joplin for Ortho K, this revolutionary treatment reduces the risk of dangerous eye diseases for children with myopia (who is shortsighted/nearsighted).

Directions from Miami to Joplin

Drive in from Miami OK for the Incredible Optical

At Coleman Vision we boast an incredible selection of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Let our wonderful optical staff can guide you through our large selection and help you find a pair of designer frames that fit your style, face, and budget. We stock a wide selection of glasses at every price point.

Visit our optical.

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