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Great Whole Body Movement Games for your Children

Coleman Vision - Great Whole Body Movement Games

One of the best things for your child’s developing brain is exercise and movement. Both provide opportunities for children to develop eye-hand coordination, balance, and motor skills. Children should be active every day, and because children love to play, games are a fun easy way to get your kids going!

One easy game that kids love is tag. Kids of all ages like tag because it allows them to run and be active, but also has a competitive aspect to it. Tag works whole body movement, builds endurance, and develops direction following.

Check out these clever variations on a simple game of tag!

Children need to develop both gross motor skills and fine motor skills. Activities like running and jumping work the gross motor skills. Activities like clapping and spinning work the fine motor skills. Active learning through games can help them understand quantitative concepts such as high or low, big or small, or fast and slow, for example.

Read this article for great ideas on A to Z movement activities.

Variation is the key, so be sure to try different games. This fun way to get moving is great stimulation for the brains of both children and adults. Get out there and have fun playing games with your children.

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