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Games That Train Your Child's Brain

Coleman Vision - Games to train your child's brain

Early childhood development is something that all parents should be concerned about as their children grow. While much of the motor skills and vision tracking that your child learns as an infant will be key in their performance and learning ability later on, much of their brain development takes place from the ages of 3 to 5 years old. During this very important brain growth period, your child's nerve pathways are growing and setting the building blocks for a life full of learning about the world around them. To help make sure your child's brain is developing properly and that they have the best possible advantages as they continue to grow, brain training games are something you and your child can work on together.

3 Awesome Games to Help Train Your Child's Brain

Jump start brain development, hand-eye coordination and vision tracking with these fun, brain activity boosting games that you and your toddler will enjoy! Each one of these games are great for sensory development and may help prevent eye development issues as your child grows.

Coleman Vision - Games for your childRepeating Patterns (Ages 18 months and above)

This game is ideal for developing the eye and teaching your child problem solving skills.

Begin by using colorful building blocks to create simple structures and patterns including 3 blocks in a row, 2 blocks with 1 above and so on. Ask your toddler to copy your pattern. Next, ask your child to create their own pattern. Copy their pattern and show them how much fun you're having. Increase the difficulty as time goes on.

Match Game (Ages 2 and older)

This game is great for showing off your artistic side and also lets your toddler get in some drawing/coloring time as well.

Draw colorful shapes, animals and even numbers on a card or piece of paper, making an exact copy of each drawing. Once you have 3 or 4 pairs turn each card over to begin playing. Open one card for your child and ask them to describe the drawing. Look for the same drawing by opening the other cards one by one. Each time you flip a card over, ask your toddler if it is a match. If they find a pair, give them both cards. Repeat until all cards are matched.

I Spy (Ages 2 and older)

This game is ideal for making your toddler think about the qualities of many different objects around them including different colors, shapes, sizes and so on.

Begin by picking an object and telling your toddler, "I spy with my little eye something that is... big or tall or round, etc." At first, it's a good idea to point to the object so that they learn how to play the game properly. Once they've got the guessing game down, have them find objects for you to find. As time goes on, your toddler will learn to think about objects around them and learn a few new vocabulary words too.

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