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A Mom's Story

Lesen lernen

When we first came to Coleman Vision one year ago, I was extremely upset. My fun, bright and smart little guy was not doing well. He was having a lot of trouble in school, connecting with other children and he was just sad all of the time. Just mentioning spelling or reading would lead to an emotional meltdown.

There is still work to be done, but our son Javen is back! His confidence has improved and I can see happiness in his face again. Last week for the first time ever, he went to the library and picked out a chapter book. He read the entire book in roughly four days with very little help. Listening to him laugh as he was reading and understanding this book made me feel very proud of him.

I did not know how much poor vision was affecting his overall well being. Thank you so much Coleman Vision, Ms. Linda and Ms. Lisa.
Janine Byrd

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