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5 Fun (and Cheap) Things to do with your Kids this Spring!

  1. Take a Glow-in-the-dark Bath!
    Spring weather might get them outdoors, but it sure gets kids dirty! So, have fun getting cleaned up. Most dollar stores carry inexpensive glow in the dark sticks. We usually think about these for fun night time activities outdoors, but they can create a fun bath time with the lights dimmed or out. Just be sure they don't try to open the sticks as they can be toxic.
  2. Make a Nature Walk Checklist!
    It is always fun to take a stroll through Wildcat Glades, but you can have fun in nature even if it's in your own backyard. Make a quick checklist for "treasures" your child should be looking for on your walk. You can vary the list for age appropriateness and difficulty. They can either check these items off the list or provide a small bag for them to collect these specimens and bring them back to your "lab" for further inspection.
  3. Tell your own Story!
    Cut out 12-20 squares of paper and join your child in drawing one item in each square. Draw a bug, an umbrella, rainbow, person, etc. Once these have all been drawn, simply turn them over. Pick five at a time. Place them in any order you choose, and make up a story which includes each one of these drawings. You go first to show an example. Watch them create fun and funny stories when it's their turn!
  4. Create your own Sensory Bins!
    Kids of all ages love sensory bins. Simply get a few small Tupperware bins and fill them with items like rice, feed corn or sand. Kids love running their hands through these. You can make it even more fun by "hiding" an object that they must find and feel with their hands without looking. Let them try to picture the object in their "minds eye" and guess what the object is.
  5. Two Words: Carpet Picnic!
    Spring weather is unpredictable at best. Don't let a rainy or gloomy day keeps you from having fun. Encourage your kids to pack up a picnic with you and host it on the carpet of the living room. You'd be surprised how entertaining kids can be with this simple change of pace. Don't forget the picnic tablecloth for the best effect!

At Coleman Vision, we love kids and we love parents who are actively involved in making their lives the best they can be. Have fun this spring, but don't let the school year end without a proper eye exam! Summer gets busy and we want to be sure your child is ready to spend the summer with great books and success in sports. BOTH require great vision.

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